The Kalam Educational and Chartiable is an ISO 9001:2008 certified instutiton (certified by the GIC-JAS-ANZ interntional) for providing high quality computer education. Each curriculum of the Trust is upto the international standard levels.
Registered Trade Mark
  The Trade mark TCSD has been granted by the Trade Marks Registry with Proprietor Code Number which enables us to mention TM or SM besides our trademark.
Raising to International Standards
  TCSD aims to train students to respond competently and confidently to the economic, social and organizational challenges arising from a rapidly advancing technology, a shifting economic base and a global market place and to enhance the capabilities of organization through research and consultancy. The courses are specially designed to develop and enhance the basic IT skills and abilities of students and to equip them with appropriate tools of modern computing techniques for better and speedy decision making. We believe our programs match with the highest academic standard what companies and other organizations want. Our strategy for achieving teaching excellence is through an industry-led approach combined with state-of-the art knowledge of staff, the best in equipment engaged and highest order of computer technology consultancy and above all a very positive approach to education.
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