Once after enrolling as a Franchisee of TCSD, Is there an opportunity to retain my existing business name?

As a goodwill gesture we recommend each and every Franchisee to use the brand name TCSD COMPUTER EDUCATION, it will minimize our Cost on External Marketing which includes Advertisement in Papers, Magazines and TV Commercials. Brand name will always have an edge on business and it will increase the interest and belief among the candidates to join TCSD COMPUTER EDUCATION. As a Franchisee if you blackout the name TCSD COMPUTER EDUCATION, it will directly impact on our business and business partners, additionally it will create an awful thought on TCSD. Though it’s not compulsory to have the brand name as TCSD COMPUTER EDUCATION still, considering our business partners and to project ourselves globally its necessary to use a common and familiar name. Brand name will fortify our self and it will provide us a Powerful Global Identification.

It took years to strengthen the Current business name in my area and I’ve invested my skills to fortify it, considering this it’s not possible for me to change the existing business name immediately, Can I have time to Migrate the Existing name?

We value your hard work and skills, the management knows very well that it takes time to enroll ourselves in the Current Business and to make an impact in respective areas. Considering our Business Partners and Advertisements that we do for our brand TCSD, we don’t think that it will be hard to retain the business with the brand TCSD; Global identification of the Brand and the Advertisements will improve the stability of the business soon, so we request you to change your business name as soon as possible.

Can I get Certificates for the Candidates who are currently enrolled in my Center for a Program which is uniquely designed for my Current Business?

Sure, All you have to Mail us the Details of the Candidate, Course, Duration along with the Examination Fee to get the Certificates. Based on the strength of the currently enrolled candidates you can get the certificates to everybody.

If we are skilled to conduct a different program / course to the candidates, which is not available in the Prospectus of TCSD, Can we get Certificates for the same?

Definitely, we are not restricting our Partners to conduct only TCSD’s Prospectus, You can individually conduct a different program / course (for eg: Hardware, Unix). TCSD will not supply any course materials like books and question papers, but if you want certificates then all you have to mails us the details of the Candidate, Course and Duration along with the Examination Fee to get the Certificates.

Is it compulsory to conduct all the courses according to the Prospectus?

No, it’s not compulsory to conduct all the courses as per the prospectus, you can decide depending upon the Area, Locality and Skill level of the Faculties and Awareness among the candidates in your locale.

Is it compulsory to get the Advertisement Boards like (Banners, Posters, Pamphlets, etc.,) through the Head Office? If we have a capability to design the Banners & posters in a cost-effective manner, can we do the same?

No. If you are able to design Advertisement Boards in a beneficial manner you are most welcome to do the same but, TCSD requests you to get an approval for your personal advertisement designs. This approval is only to ensure the promise of TCSD to the candidates globally. If you want only to reduce the cost of the Advertisement Boards, then you can get a copy of the designs from the Head Office (TCSD), just by paying Rs. 50.

My locale is not developed and the atmosphere of skills and wealth is not that good among the people. Candidates are facing trouble to make their course fee, in this case is it compulsory to force them to buy the course materials? (or)

Candidates are not willing to buy the course materials and forcing them to buy will lead us to lose the candidates? Is it necessary to provide the course materials?

Each and every Franchisee should get the course materials from the Head Office (TCSD). To make a global impact we have to deliver and maintained the Industry standards, so we have to educate the candidates regarding the importance of the course materials and we have to create awareness among the candidates in respective areas. Having such unique options for the same Program (like Enrolling Candidates with Course Materials or without the Course Materials) will question our own Standards. So we recommend you to craft the knowledge among the candidates regarding the Importance of the Course Materials, additionally you can also make use of our District coordinators, who are eagerly waiting to assist you with innovative thoughts.

Can I have an additional center (subordinate) or counseling center nearby my location (temporarily or permanently) to improve the business?

No, despite of any reason, you cannot have more than a center in the same location or nearby. The Protocol says even if you want to shift the building in the same locale, you should inform and get the authorization from the Administrative Officer of TCSD. Breaching the Protocols will lead us (TCSD) to cancel your license / franchisee.

Communications are always a setback in my area, we have trouble accessing the internet connection, Is it mandatory to have the internet connection to become a business partner?

We have to accept that communication plays a very vital role in business, even we have to accept that some of the places in our country still sets us back in terms of network communication channel (for eg: Internet / Email etc.,). If you have any difficulties accessing the internet then you can communicate via other channels like Mail, Phone or Courier. We recommend you to make use of the services like Dialup, Wireless local loop phone (WLL), GPRS to establish the internet connection.

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